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Dr Herrod and his long time staff are wonderful (and nice!). Highly recommend. Superb work at very reasonable prices. Filings and crowns he has done look and feel just like my natural teeth. Never a problem or expensive upselling pressure (like others). Been going to him for a long time. Bill H.

Some W.

This office is 5 star. Dr. Herrod's staff has been there as long as I can remember. Cindy at the front desk always makes you feel like family and their dental hygienist (Olga) is meticulous. Dr. Herrod always provides a thorough check up when needed and does stellar dental work at a fair price. This office is all about individual service and should be on your list of medical professionals.

Pat B.

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Herrod for several years now, and he is by far one of the best dentists we've worked with. Both of us had ended up going to him after extended periods of time without regular dental care (i.e., we were a bit chicken after less than pleasant experiences in the past) and he was great! He works with you to develop a plan to get you on track and keep you there. During procedures he's good about explaining what's going on, as well as checking pain levels. I take longer than average for numbing agents to take affect, and he always checks before starting.

He's also cognizant of price as well as timing when it comes to procedures and is very up front and reasonable (if there are multiple options he will layout the pros and cons and let you choose).

Additionally, he has a wonderful team who are great at making you feel part of the family. We would happily recommend him and his team to anyone, and in fact have done so on many occasions.

Liz S.

I have visited Dr. Herrod multiple times and couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'm a bit of a dental wimp so I have always been nervous for any and all dental visits. He has always been very understanding of my fear of pain and has been wonderful at calming my nervousness. In fact, my entire family now sees Dr. Herrod regularly as a result. Recently, I even had 4 porcelain crowns put on my front 4 teeth and my smile looks truly amazing. To make the situation even better, he has always been and continues to be very reasonably priced. I will continue to recommend Dr. Herrod to everyone I know.

Daren C.

Nice guy, good skills, knows what he is doing. I keep going there even though I don't live there anymore because he and his staff were great. Cleaning are thorough and that is what I need. Another place did not come close to the level of attention to teeth that they did. I have found him reasonable on prices and not pushing "selling" stuff. Tells you what you need and lets you choose.

Michael N.

Scott has been my dentist since 1989. He and his staff do an excellent job and are very nice. I highly recommend their services.

John S.

Dr Herrod is wonderful! My family has been going to him for 20 years. His work is excellent, he is fair and honest. His staff is great. I should have given him a Yelp review years ago and never thought of it. I'm having a dental emergency right before going on a trip and he called me on his day off to make sure that everything is being taken care of. That's the kind of guy he is.

Tammy c.

Dr Herrod's office is clean, the staff is friendly and the price is right! They are great! I highly recommend them!

Christina M.

I've been going to Dr Herrod since I was 14. I'm 40. (With the exception of one 6 month stint elsewhere for insurance reasons--which REALLY made me realize the stark difference.) In other words, I've done whatever I can to make sure he's my dentist. He is a man of skill, kindness, and integrity. He works to help me better understand how to best take care of my dental hygiene and is not in it for the upsell. He lays out all options and helps me make educated decisions. Over the years he's worked to expand his scope of practice, staying current with new practices and developing additional treatment options.

The other dentist I went to for that 1 insurance blunder had a fancy office with fancy equipment....and I paid dearly for it with my money. I felt like a number in the sea of patients and wasted more than 30 minutes after my appointment time to be seen.

Dr Herrod's office runs on time. They respect clients in every way--including keeping you on schedule. No, they don't have the latest gadgets, but they do have the latest skills and stellar customer service. The staff are warm, friendly, and efficient--all rolled into one. It's funny, people always complain about going to the dentist, going to visit Dr Herrod is like visiting family and leaving with a gleaming smile. Hat's off to Dr Herrod and the Herrod Team!

Sarah H.

Great staff and dentist! My crown on the top, on back, randomly came off as I was chewing on a subway sandwich for breakfast. I haven't seen a dentist since I've lived in San Diego (about 9 months now), so I searched for one quick and the one nearest to me that had the highest reviews was Dr. Herrod. They took me in 3 hours after the crown had just fallen off! Got me in and out there quick and Dr. Herrod and miss Suzy kept me entertained. Prices are super reasonable also. Thank you so much!!

Michelle F.

I have been seeing Dr. Herrod for approximately 20 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else even though I'm driving from Encinitas. Not Denmark....but still! I agree with every 5-star review posted. If I lived closer I would be stopping in just to say hello, they are so much fun to talk to!

Oh yes, the actual dentistry. I've had a lot of work done over the years and not once has there been any problems with the work in any way. Dr. Herrod and Susie are perfectionists in what they do. I also trust Dr. Herrod completely when he suggests that preventative care be done on a tooth. He never suggests anything that doesn't prove to be a necessity. They are the nicest, most professional people you could find!

Elizabeth B.

I actually look forward to my dentist appoints! Dr. Herrod and his staff are not just friendly and on time, but they are really fun. Dr. Herrod is the only dentist that apologizes a million times before shooting you up Novocain. His sincerity and comedic blend eases your mind.

His office is a bit retro, you can tell your dollars don't go to the newest equipment, but I like his simplistic non-flashy approach. I'm sure this is also why his fees are so reasonable. His staff are truly warm as well. Of course, Dr. Herrods is very skilled and conscientious in his work too. I would recommend him especially to the skittish! :)

Pilar P.

Dr. Herrod is a great dentist and his office takes great care of us.

We currently live in Denmark and my wife and I both wait to do our dental work at Dr. Herrod's office. His receptionist team is kind and efficient, his staff are all highly trained, and he does quality work while also being a really nice guy. He will be honest in his assessments but always communicates in a kind and supportive manner. Definitely one of the better dental services I have ever experienced.

James M.

Can't say enough about the hospitality, professionalism and patience Dr. Herrod and his staff exhibited in accommodating my needs and availability.

Victor B.

Doctor Herrod's office is excellent! If you've ever been afraid of the dentist you won't be anymore! He's always kind and funny and you can really tell he treats his employees well, which is something we should support as a community! His staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Chelsea H.

Dr. Herrod is FANTASTIC.

I've been to more than my share of dentists and this guy is skilled, honest and even accepts my insurance! All of his staff are great, and when I've had emergencies they have worked around my schedule to get me in and out in a timely manner.

E. S.

I have been going to see Dr. Herrod for three years. Even after I moved to Chula Vista, I continued to make the 20 minute semi annual commute up to la mesa for cleanings. Dr. Herrod is great. I am a terrible flosser. I always have been. But under Dr. Herrod's kind encouragement, I have improved a lot! I always feel great after visiting Dr. Herrod!

Kathy A.

Dr. Herrod is the best! I have been seeing Dr. Herrod for over 20 years driving from Escondido. He is gentle, minimizes pain, does great work and is honest. What else can you ask for in a dentist?

J. P.

Been going to Dr. Herrod since as long as I can remember. I don't believe you will find anybody as honest, friendly, and reasonable. In fact, my entire family goes to him and has been going to him forever.

Bradley C.

Dr. Herrod has been our family dentist for many years and I would never think about going to anyone else for our dental needs. I literally faint at the sight of a needle and somehow Dr. Herrod has the ability to give me a shot without pain and without passing out. I know it sounds trivial, but it's a big deal for me and my kids. Dr. Herrod and his staff are the best!

Dan C.

Dr. Herrod is amazing. My family started going here several years ago after a referral from another family member. I think about twenty family/friends go to him for dental work and I haven't heard anything but good reviews from them. Dr. Herrod and his team make sure you understand everything that is going on and they have a nice family atmosphere there. Most of the time you can get an appointment pretty fast and they will always call you with a reminder. Another thing, Dr. Herrod has kids so he knows all the tricks (like his donald duck voice) to help kids to feel at ease and they don't mind going to the dentist!

Jeff H.

We recommend Dr. Scott Herrod without any reservations. My husband and I both appreciate the quality of his work. He has replaced several of my front teeth with a bridge and the detail and color match are perfect. He and the entire staff are very friendly and professional. Routine maintenance cleaning? No one is gentler than Lily.

Lori S.

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